8 Things you Need to do When you Find Out you are Pregnant

8 Things you Need to do When you Find Out you are Pregnant

The First Trimester Checklist for New Moms

Finding out that you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting feelings you’ll ever experience (if not the most exciting).  There are so many thoughts that instantly race through your head.  Your whole life has changed in a matter of minutes.  It’s not uncommon to start wondering about what you need to do in the first trimester almost immediately. There’s so much to do between a positive pregnancy test and the birth of your baby, so here’s a simple first trimester checklist to get you started!

Decide When and How you’re Going to Tell People

When you first find out you’re pregnant, you’ll be ready to scream the exciting news from the rooftops.  But, deciding when and how you’ll tell people is actually a fairly big decision.  Many people like to wait until they’ve made it past their first trimester to make sure baby is healthy and everything is going smoothly.  Others want to tell people right away.  Chat with your partner and decide what the two of you are comfortable with. There is no wrong time to announce your pregnancy.  How you tell people is the fun part.  My husband I told everyone in a unique way and made a video of all their reactions that I’ve shared below. It still makes me tear up when I watch it.  There are tons of cute and creative ideas for how to break the exciting news.

Make an Appointment with your OB

Did you know that you likely won’t see your doctor until you’re somewhere around the eight week mark?  Of course there are special circumstances where your doctor will see you sooner, but for the average, healthy pregnancy, you’ll have to wait a few weeks before seeing your tiny peanut on the ultrasound screen.  Make sure to call your OBGYN and set up your initial appointment as soon as possible.  That first appointment will likely include a pap smear and a trans-vaginal ultrasound (torturous… I know).  But, you’ll have the opportunity to see your baby and its tiny heartbeat for the very first time.

first trimester checklist for new moms

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Get the Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner

There is so much to do when it comes to preparing for a baby.  The Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner is a comprehensive tool that guides you through all nine months!  This planner helps you stay organized throughout your pregnancy (don’t forget that mom brain is real) and even walks you through things you probably didn’t think you needed to know (like questions to ask your pediatrician and what to set up before baby arrives).  The Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner includes over 50 printables to help you prepare for baby and beyond.  The entire planner is great for any expecting mom, but I think my favorite part is the breastfeeding information and newborn care sheets.  This planner is packed with information I wish I would have had at my fingertips the first time around.

Evaluate your Diet

When you first find out you’re pregnant, what you’re able to consume instantly changes.  That’s right.  Say goodbye to glasses of red wine and delicious soft cheeses.  While it’s a great idea to try to eat as healthy as possible, we have to be realistic here.  You’re pregnant… and in the first trimester, eating anything at all is an accomplishment (from my experience).  If your pregnancy diet is high on your priority list, I highly recommend the Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition Plan.  It’s packed with recipes for all three trimesters and teaches you how to eat for optimal fetal development.  My favorite part of the course is the smoothie recipes. I always found smoothies to be one of the easiest ways to eat healthy during the first trimester when I struggled with nausea and food aversions.

Download your Favorite Pregnancy App

My favorite pregnancy apps were Glow Nurture and Ovia.  It was so exciting to open my phone every week and find out what sized fruit my baby was being compared to and where he was developmentally. They also keep you in the loop with what symptoms you’ll likely experience throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Take a Before Picture

Taking more pictures is one thing I wish I would have done more of throughout my pregnancy.  I took a few photos along the way, but I never got a full term picture and skipped a lot of milestones along the way.  Looking back, it’s something that I would love to have.


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Stock up on First Trimester Essentials

I my opinion, the first trimester is the worst trimester.  Stocking up on these first trimester essentials is one of the top things you need do when you find out you are pregnant.

  • Prenatal Vitamins – you’ll want to start taking prenatal vitamins right away.  I remember freaking out about whether or not I was taking the right vitamins.  When I saw my doctor at my 8 week appointment, she told me to relax and that she taken the gummy prenatal vitamins.  So, that’s what I got (and they were delicious).
  • Preggy Pop Drops – I had a friend who had gotten pregnant a few months before me.  By the time I was in the thick of first trimester nausea, she was entering her second trimester and feeling 100% better.  She left a container of Preggy Pop Drops on my desk on day at work with a little love note and they changed my life.  I think I had one of these in my mouth for weeks on end.
  • Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea – Since starting the blog and talking all things pregnancy and baby, I’ve had so many people tell me about Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea.  I never tried it, but its already on my list for the next time around.
  • Belly Band – Believe it or not, your clothes are going to start to get uncomfortable very quickly.  You probably won’t show right away, but bloating and increased bodily fluids will have your pants getting tighter by the day.  When you’re too small for maternity clothes, but too big for your regular clothes, try the belly band.  All you do is keep your pants unbuttoned and unzipped, and pull this band over top to make sure they stay in place.  They come in many different colors and just look like you have a long cami on. Update: You can get a free belly band from The Belly Button using the code COFFEEANDCOOS1 at checkout!
  • Stretch Mark Lotion – Again, you’re baby bump likely won’t make an appearance for quite a few weeks, but now is the time to start lathering on stretch mark cream.  Your skin is slowly stretching from the very beginning and it’s a good idea to keep it hydrated and amp up its elasticity.  Applying stretch mark cream daily will help with itching as well.
  • Stool Softener – Constipation is a common problem for many women in the first trimester.  If this is a symptom for you, consider using a stool softener every now and then to get things moving.

Evaluate your Workout Routine

If you workout on a regular basis, it’s probably a good idea to consult with your doctor before continuing your regular workout routine.  If you don’t workout regularly, consider adding some exercise to your daily routine.  Physical activity can help with nausea, control excessive weight gain, and build up your endurance for the hardest workout of your life… labor and delivery!  My favorite prenatal fitness program is The Belly Only Pregnancy Program.  The exercises are simple, easy to understand, and can be done at home.  There are workouts for each trimester of pregnancy, a nutrition guide, and recipes!

first trimester workouts

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There are lots of things to do when you find out you’re pregnant, but relaxing and enjoying it is the most important.  There will be days where it definitely doesn’t feel like it, but this is one of the most exciting and special times of your life.  Relax, take lots of naps, let your partner spoil you, and start preparing to meet your baby.

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The First Trimester To Do List

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