The Third Trimester To Do List

The Third Trimester To Do List

I’m just a few short weeks out from my third trimester and I’ve got a running list of “things to do” on my phone.  I like to be over prepared for most things in life, and since this is my second pregnancy, I feel like I have a better idea of what needs to be done in the weeks leading up to the baby’s birth.  Here’s what’s on my third trimester to do list!

The Third Trimester To Do List for Expecting Moms


I’ve been trying to add more exercise into my routine over the last couple weeks.  I’ve been dealing with some sciatic nerve pain and exercising has helped so much.  In addition, my doctor and I have been talking about the fact that I grow large babies, and things that I can do to try to ensure a smooth and safe delivery.  Of course, exercising through the third trimester was one of the first things on her list.  I experienced so much pelvic girdle pain with my last pregnancy and I’ll do whatever it takes to never experience that again.  I’ve been doing exercises from The Belly Only Pregnancy program.  The exercises are broken down by trimester and are designed to prepare your body for the workout of a lifetime… delivering a baby!  I love it so far and can’t wait to see what the third trimester workout plan looks like.

Pack a Hospital Bag

Packing a hospital bag is an obvious task on the third trimester to do list.  You want to make sure everything’s ready when it’s time to go.  I’ll probably pack my bag around the 36 week mark, just to be safe.  You can see the full list of everything we’re packing the second time around, here!

Get the Nursery Ready

Even if you don’t plan on having your baby sleep in their nursery right away, it’s still a good idea to have it ready before the baby comes.   We plan on having the baby sleep in our room for a few months, but I still want to get all of his clothes organized and make sure his changing table is fully stocked with all the newborn essentials.  The great thing about this being our second baby is that we don’t have a whole lot to do other than make sure his brother vacates before he arrives!

Prepare for Postpartum

One of the most shocking things about becoming a new mom was the postpartum phase.  After I had Weston, I was shocked by everything that postpartum entailed.  I had no idea what to expect and I wasn’t prepared for the toll that childbirth was going to take on my body and my mind.  If you want to prepare for all things postpartum, check out The Postpartum Handbook.  It shares tips and tricks for managing pain and speeding up recovery.  It covers all the “hush hush” things that no one talks about like the first postpartum poo, postpartum sex, postpartum hair loss, mental health, and more.  It even includes a postpartum exercise plan, tips for preparing your return to work, and tips for new stay at home moms!

the postpartum handbook

Install the Car Seat

Before your baby arrives, you’ll also want to make sure you have the car seat safely and correctly buckled into your car.  It’s a good idea to do this several weeks before your due date, just in case.  My advice is to get your car seat out and familiarize yourself with it beforehand.  Read the instructions and make sure you and your partner know how to work the darn thing.  If you have a hand-me-down car seat (like we did), make sure you have all the necessary pieces and make sure that the straps are on the smallest setting for your teeny tiny baby!

Prepare your Home for Baby

You may think that you only need to get the nursery ready, but believe me, your new baby will take over every room in your house.  There are toys, bottles, diapers, bouncy seats, play mats, bassinets, and more.  As moms, we spend so much time perfecting the nursery, when in reality, our newborns spend little to no time in there.  Make sure the rest of your home is ready with my favorite tips for preparing your home for baby.

Create a Birth Plan

I really struggle with the phrase “birth plan”.  I hate the idea of an expecting mom having a vision in her head of what she wants her birth to be like, and then things not going according to plan.  Delivering a baby can go so many different ways, and my birth plan has always been “whatever I need to do to have a healthy baby.”  However, I think it’s a great idea for moms to educate themselves on the process of labor and delivery, what they’re options are, and decide what an ideal delivery might look like.  It’s great to have a plan as long as you don’t become too emotionally attached to it.  Do you want to try for a non-medicated labor?  Do you want to avoid induction?  Who do you want in the room?  These are all things you need to think about as the big day approaches.  I used the birth plan template that comes with the Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner.

Birth it Up

During my first pregnancy, I did everything I could to avoid being educated about labor and delivery.  While my husband watched YouTube videos of live births, I avoided them at all costs.  I told myself that I was just going to “go with the flow”, but looking back, I think it was fear that held me back from educating myself on one of the most important events I would ever experience.  This time around, I want to know everything.   I’m absolutely fascinated by labor and delivery and I want to be prepared for whatever might happen.  I’ve already been through some of the lessons on Birth it Up, an online prenatal course created by a labor and delivery nurse, and I’ve learned so much about what to expect.  The course walks you through everything you need to know about Labor and Delivery.  There are two different courses, one for those who want to go natural, and one for those who want to get an epidural.  Taking this course and learning about how everything works has helped me relieve so much anxiety and fear about the big day.  The course is super affordable (like waaay cheaper than any other one I’ve come across) and worth every penny.  There’s even a Facebook group where you can chat with the course creator and other moms if you have questions or just want to hear about other people’s birth experiences (which I absolutely love)!

Take a Breastfeeding Course

If you plan on breastfeeding your baby, I can’t say enough great things about Milkology.  It’s an online breastfeeding class for new and expecting moms.  I’ve already taken the class, but I highly recommend you add it to your third trimester to do list if this is your first pregnancy.  Breastfeeding is hard and it doesn’t come naturally for most mamas.  This course gives you the rundown of everything you need to know, from your first nursing session, to how to master your milk supply throughout your breastfeeding journey (and lots more).  I love that you can look back on it at any time.  All the answers are always at your finger tips!

Preregister at the Hospital

I never took a hospital tour when I was pregnant with Weston, and to be honest, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.  However, I did preregister online once my due date was near.  My doctor recommended I do so, and I was so grateful that I took the time to fill out all that annoying paperwork ahead of time.  When we arrived at the hospital on the big day, they already knew who I was and had all of my information.  All I had to do was climb in bed in let the nurses take over.

Make Freezer Meals

At the end of my last pregnancy, I had “make freezer meals” on my to do list for weeks.  Guess what?  It never happened.  This time, I’ve promised myself that I’m actually going to do it.  A friend of mine had a baby in August and she told me that she prepped a ton of freezer meals before her baby was born.  She said it was the greatest gift she could have given herself (and her husband).  They also have a toddler and she said it was a lifesaver to be able to pull something out of the freezer and throw it in the crock-pot or oven and be done with it.  It also cut down on trips to the grocery store in those first few weeks home with baby.

Update:  I did it!  Check out how I made 8 freezer meals in less than two hours for less than $100!

Stock up on Essentials

When we think of stocking up for baby, we think about diapers, wipes, baby soap, diaper rash cream, etc.  What most moms don’t think about is the household essentials that you’ll want/need right after your baby is born.  You’ll want to make sure life is as easy as possible when you first get home from the hospital.  That means stocking up on things like paper plates, hand sanitizer, and batteries.  You can see my full list of non-baby essentials here.

I hope my third trimester to do list will come in handy if you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy!  Staying organized and making sure I’m not forgetting anything helps me stay relaxed during what could normally be considered a stressful time in life.  Not to mention, staying busy helps pass the time when those last few weeks seem to drag on forever.

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