The Essential Items you Need to Stock up on Before Baby’s Arrival

The Essential Items you Need to Stock up on Before Baby’s Arrival

Things to Buy Before your Baby Comes

Everyone knows you need food, clothes, diapers, and wipes when you first arrive home with a new baby.  But, what about those items that aren’t so obvious?  The last thing you want to do is pack your brand new baby up and take a trip to the store during that first week home from the hospital.  Unfortunately, that’s what we had to do because we hadn’t thought of making a pre-baby grocery list (first time parent problems).  Here are the essential items to stock up on before baby’s arrival.

Baby Nail Clippers

Okay, to be fair, most new parents already have these on hand.  Unfortunately, we weren’t those parents.  So, in case you’re like us, run out and get a set of baby nail clippers and save yourself from the evil dagger nails of a newborn.  Bonus Tip:  A great time to clip baby’s finger nails is when they’re breastfeeding.  If you find it hard to get those tiny nails clipped, give it a try!

things to stock up on before baby


Imagine your new baby loves their vibrating bouncer and it’s really the only place they will sleep other than your arms.  After a few days, you place your beautiful baby in the bouncer and THE BATTERIES ARE DEAD (insert doom music here).  Do yourself a favor and avoid this at all costs.  Look at all your baby gadgets beforehand, see what size batteries they take, and stock up!  Another great idea is to invest in rechargeable batteries.  They’re inexpensive and can be used time and time again.  Either way, batteries are a must have item to stock up on before baby!


If you’re having a boy and plan on having him circumcised, Vaseline is absolutely one of the items you need to stock up on before baby’s arrival.  I saw the nurses apply it for the first time and asked, “is that how much you’re supposed to use?”  She had used half a tube!  Make sure you get the squeezable kind – for obvious reasons.

Hand Sanitizer

The early days of parenthood involve a lot of diaper changing and a lot of visitors.  Having a few bottles of hand sanitizer conveniently placed around the house is an easy way to keep everyone washing their hands.  We keep a bottle on the changing table in Weston’s nursery, and on a shelf in our living room.  Babyganics Alcohol Free Hand Sanitzer is great to have around when you’re dealing with newborns.

Thank you Cards and Stamps

In the weeks after baby is born, you’ll likely be showered with gifts for baby, dinners, and just general favors.  You’ll want to have thank you cards and stamps on hand so that you can fill them out on the spot and not forget (like I may have once or twice).

things to stock up on before baby
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The Postpartum Handbook

At the end of your pregnancy, you’re so focused on preparing for baby and labor and delivery.  However, there’s a whole other side of pregnancy that doesn’t get as much attention… postpartum.  Most moms put tons of effort into getting everything ready for their baby, and wind up overlooking the transition they’re about to go through.  If you want to be ready for everything that postpartum throws at you, check out The Postpartum Handbook.  It talks about how to manage pain and discomfort, tips and tricks to aid in recovery, the first postpartum poo (scary), postpartum sex, postpartum exercise, food for postpartum recovery, and more.  It’s an amazing resource for new moms and something I wish I would have had after my first pregnancy.

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Comfortable Undergarments

Stock up on those granny panties ladies!  The hospital will let you bring home several pairs of their postpartum underwear, but after a few days, you’ll be ready for something a little less horrendous.  I was so focused on preparing for the baby, that I didn’t do a lot of preparing for my postpartum self.  Make sure your postpartum wardrobe and undergarments are ready to go before baby’s arrival.

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Pads, Pads, and more Pads

I had no idea what I was in for when it came to the aftermath of childbirth.  You’re going to want pads of all different shapes and sizes (and lots of them… about 6 weeks’ worth to be exact!)  If you don’t stock up on anything else, fine, but a grand supply of maxi pads is a must!

items to stock up on before baby

Easy to Prepare Food

I failed miserably at this one, and boy did I regret it.  I had planned to make some freezer meals, but those last few weeks of pregnancy were brutal and if something involved getting off the couch, I wasn’t really into it.  But, I did stock up on quick and easy snacks like protein bars, yogurt, trail mix, and lactation treats!

Update:  The end of my second pregnancy has been completely different than the first time around.  I’m not so miserable and have tons of energy.  Making pre-baby freezer meals was the last thing on my to do list and I just got it done!  Here’s the link for how I made 8 meals in two hours for under $100!

prebaby food prep

Paper Plates and Plastic-ware

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a handful of people who are willing to bring you dinner during those first few weeks home from the hospital.  Trust me, if you don’t have to cook, the last thing you’ll want to do is the dishes.  Stock up on paper plates and plastic-ware.  Enjoy your home cooked meals, and throw away the mess.

Those first few weeks home from the hospital are a bit of a blur, so I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten.  But, these are things I distinctly remember heading to the store for in the middle of winter with a new baby.  So, add these items to your list of things to buy before the baby comes!

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The Not-So-Obvious Items you Need to Stock Up On Before Baby’s Arrival

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