How to Increase your Milk Supply

How to Increase your Milk Supply

8 Simple Ways to Increase your Milk Supply

I don’t think there’s a breastfeeding mama out there who doesn’t worry about her supply.  I was obsessive about my supply when Weston was first born (like… crazy ya’ll).  I had heard so many stories of moms who’s supply had suddenly dropped and could no longer feed their babies.  When I would see a dip in what I was producing, I’d use these strategies to increase my milk supply. When I was taking care of myself and following these tips, I’d typically pump more than 4 ounces from each side! If you’re working hard to keep your milk flowing (or just doing some research ahead of time), try these totally doable ways to pump up production.


Nursing your baby on demand is THE BEST WAY to increase your supply.  Our milk works by supply and demand, so the more they demand it, the more our supply will increase!  I remember thinking that feeding on demand was insane in the beginning because Weston was always demanding it.  This is totally normal and it gets so much better (and easier)… I promise!


Drink Water

Water is so important when it comes to increasing your milk supply.  Have you ever noticed that when you start nursing you get So. Freaking. Thirsty?  Drink up, momma.  That’s your body telling you that we need lots of water to make lots of milk.  I’m still obsessed with my jug from the hospital because it tells me how many ounces I’m drinking each time, but something like this would also do the trick!

Pump after Feeding

Another way to help increase your supply is to pump after feedings.  Make sure those milk makers are completely empty.  The emptier the breast, the quicker it works to produce more milk.  Try massaging while pumping to make sure you’re getting the most out of your pump session.  Check out this article from the KellyMom to learn more about how awesome our boobs are.


Milk Dust

Milk dust is a protein powder created specifically for breastfeeding moms.  It promotes lactation and weight loss and it’s perfect for new moms who are busy but still want to eat healthy.  It’s packed with ingredients that help you boost your milk supply like milk thistle, raspberry leaf, fenugreek seed, brewer’s yeast, and fennel seed.  I love mixing it with some fresh strawberries and bananas for a quick and easy breakfast or snack.

Update:  Milk Dust now has lactation bars and they are amazing!  They’re packed with the same great milk boosting ingredients, but come in bar form.  I’m a huge fan of the protein powder, but I love being able to grab a bar and go.


So, I may have been living under a rock, but I didn’t know oatmeal increased milk supply when I first started nursing.  But, I was craving it like crazy (again… our bodies are freakin’ amazing).  I remember eating three bowls of oatmeal in one day and noticed that I was uncomfortably full of milk that evening.  Quick Google search and ding!  Oatmeal increases your supply!

Mother’s Milk Tea

There are tons of options out there for teas that can help increase your milk supply.  This tea tastes good, is caffeine free, and has tons of ingredients known to pump up production.


To be truthful, this one is up for debate.  However, I believe that for me personally, Gatorade has always increased my milk supply (almost instantly).  If I have one in the afternoon, I’m able to pump more by that evening.  I think Gatorade is delicious, so in my opinion, it’s worth a try.  Side note: The whole time I was in labor, all I could think about was a Glacier Freeze Gatorade.  I was so thirsty (why must they torture us like that?)

Prenatal Vitamins and a Healthy Diet

Keep taking those vitamins you were taking during pregnancy  or switch to a postnatal vitamin and try to sneak some healthy foods into your diet to keep your body in perfect milk making condition.  If you want a guide for some great breastfeeding recipes, check out the Breastfeeding Cookbook.  It has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that are packed with supply boosting ingredients.


Let me know if you try any of these tips and how they worked for you!  As a reminder, I’m no doctor, just a mom sharing what worked for me.  Good luck, mama!

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How to Increase you Milk Supply Quickly and Easily

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